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Submission Escort Services

The world of fetish or BDSM encompasses a vast number of erotic behaviours between consenting adults. Practices involving bondage, discipline, dominance and submission and sadomasochism to name but a few. BDSM generally covers most non-normative sexual and role play acts that cater to a niche following. It can include things like corporal punishment, caning and submission or domination but can also include things like cross-dressing, roleplays, humiliation, rubber fetishists and other sexual exploits deemed to deviate from what we may consider the norm. These behaviours and scenes can play out at varying rates of intensity, from soft, playful incarnations to the more hardcore experiences which push the body and mind to the limits of pain and pleasure.

Within the world of escorts it is submission and domination services which are a firm favourite with clients. Generally the escort is required to take the role of a submissive where the dominant partner or 'Dom' takes psychological and physical control over the submissive or 'Sub'. This role play scenario can be very sexually gratifying as it allows both parties to explore and fantasies using these roles of ultimate power and total lack of power. A true submissive escort will know how to play this role with great skill, providing a scene where the client can fully take on their dominant persona and get the most out of the experience.

Hard Or Soft?

How do you like yours? Hard or soft? No, we are not talking about eggs here but about the levels BDSM escort services can come in. From soft, to hard, and with everything in between. For some, lightly spanking a juicy ass is enough to satisfy their sexual urges and needs whilst others will need to go at it full leather to reach the same utopic state. Ouch! Most London escorts offering BDSM services will clearly set out the service limits and boundaries and to ensure a mutually beneficial experience it is vitally important that all clients understand them and respect them. If you are new to the world of BDSM then you are likely to find your limits within the first couple of experiences. As with anything, start light and work your way up to a level that rocks your boat! It's generally true that once you start exploring the many facets and niches that make up the BDSM community in a short space of time you will find your place within it and have a clear idea of what you want from it and to what levels you are ready to go to. Exploring these different and often very much roleplay led experiences is what makes BDSM very rewarding and satisfying for those that take part in it.

Find Submissive Escorts

You will find a large number of BDSM escorts who successfully switch between Dom and Sub depending on your needs. They may market themselves as 'Mistresses' and offer both services of submission and domination as well as a host of other niche services. Do a search on Ecosia.org (the search engine that's planted over 100 million trees since its inception) and you will find a range of independent escorts and agencies offering a whole gamut of BDSM services, including submissive companionship. There is certainly plenty to choose from and as always it comes down to your personal preferences and needs, however, we have given below links to some submissive and BDSM escort services that may just be what you are looking for. If you do contact any of the escorts listed below please do be kind enough to mention that you found them at London-Escort.uk!

Links To Submissive Escorts

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